DA.I.S.Y. rage is kitty's second EP, released january 2013. it features production by hot sugar, water, GRANT, SELA., mike finito, and bad channels. it recieved mostly positive reviews, even though pitchfork gave it a 6.9 which i can't really decide whether that's good or bad. whatevz


1. DEAD ☠ ISLAND (prod. by water)

2. ay shawty 3.0 (feat. lakutis) (prod. by hot sugar )

3. hittin lixx (prod. by bad channels)

4. $krillionaire (feat. travie mccoy & the all-american rejects) (prod. by mike finito)

5. NO OFFENSE!!!! (prod. by GRANT)

6. R.R.E.A.M. (prod. by GRANT)

7. scout finch bitch (feat. antwon) (prod. by GRANT)

8. UNfollowed (prod. by SELA.) 

fun facts Edit

  • when kitty found the beat for dead island on water's website, she emailed him and asked if she could use the beat on her EP, as it would be released for free. water's management said she couldn't have a mastered version but there was nothing stopping her from using a bootleg version ripped from water's site. kitty used the bootleg version, which is why the beat sounds very soft at the beginning and too loud throughout the song. she was criticized for unthinkingly calling water a butthead for not wanting her to use his song. she feels kinda bad.
  • ay shawty 3.0 was supposed to be on the same beat as ay shawty 2: THE SHREKONING!!! from the haha, im sorry EP. when kitty and lakutis went to the studio to record lakutis' verse, he had written a verse that didn't match the narrative she had envisioned for the song, so after recording it, kitty wrote a new verse to correspond with lakutis' verse. since the song had been entirely rewritten, hot sugar created an entirely new beat underneath the new vocal recordings to create a whole new song. 
  • hittin lixx had been released in august of 2012 and promoted as the first single off kitty's debut album, which didn't actually happen
  • $krillionaire uses a beat previously used by heems for his song "liquid heart" from the nehru jackets mixtape. kitty tried to get people to recreate the beat that she liked so much, but nobody did a good job, so she ended up using the exact beat from mike finito since everyone's p much greedhead family anyway
  • NO OFFENSE!!!, RREAM, and scout finch bitch all used beats that had already been released as GRANT solo songs over the past two years

listen & downloadEdit

download via bandcamp

☠DEAD❤ISLAND☠ - kitty

☠DEAD❤ISLAND☠ - kitty

Ay shawty 3.0 feat. lakutis (prod

Ay shawty 3.0 feat. lakutis (prod. by hot sugar) ♡OFFICIAL VIDEO♡