a song from a currently unreleased project, produced by hot sugar. the song was released by accident on april 25, 2013 via a live performance video on "That's Kinda Neat" . no official version of the song has been released, and there is currently no information on when the official version will premiere. 



I don't think I'll make it hanging here another day

I wanna get spirited away

Every time I'm near it I run clear the other way

And disappear and never stay,

I'm spirited away 

I don't think I'll make it hanging here another day

I wanna get spirited away

I run clear the other way

I disappear and never stay

I'm out on the balcony, I can see the ocean

I'm practicing alchemy on you, pour a potion I conjure a spell, wish you well

I can say I'm joking when I call my city hell 

Tossing dollars and pennies in wishing wells

And I promised I'd be gone and forget it by 2012

And I thought if I got out I'd never visit

When you talk I think you're all a bunch of bitches

And never listen, I hide in closets, the smallest that I can fit in

Getting restless, I fuss and I fidget and I feel so grey in the city, it's a prison

I just wanna shine my colors on the walls like a prism but 

No one answers when I ask how their work's been, Or smiles back on the street or at the church and

I don't speak and I don't care, it isn't worth it, Soon I'll be meek enough to inherit the earth but...


Bitter and sad is how I'm feeling like I'm celery

And I could draw the pattern on my ceiling from my memory, I grow balls to show up at my old fave places

Deep breaths kitty, very brave face, chest out, Remind myself I deserve this

Even though they'll be whispering that I'm worthless

My mama says to show 'em what I'm made of, But they already know it all and that's what I'm afraid of 

I build up my powers in Tower 2 and devour you cowards, I'm spending hours and hours on Sims and sour patch kids, I'm hidden in bows for my hair and shiny pairs of shoes

Bitch, I'll embarrass you when I'll be in Paris soon